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Milestone is a first-of-its-kind achievement-based token. Embark on this quest together as a community.


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Milestones will be unlocked once specific targets are hit. Behind each milestone resides a unique power-up. Milestone targets range from transaction amounts to holders to market caps and much more! The power-ups gained from unlocking these milestones range from airdrops to changes in tokenomics and community giveaways.

Alongside Milestones, there will be weekly (and daily) challenges that can speed up or lower the requirements for Milestones and/or give access to new unlockable features.

Launching in


Locked Liquidity

100% of the liquidity will be locked for 12 months+


Incentives to reward holders and grow the community

$MStone rewards

Complete milestones to unlock new dynamic rewards

Audited contract

The contract is audited by multiple auditing firms

Our latest


Milestones will be unlocked once specific targets are hit. Behind each milestone resides a unique power-up.


Dedicated YouTube video


4x 100$ MSTONE


Unlock presale details



Reach the presale soft cap and unlock this week’s $500 giveaway.

Reach the presale hard cap and unlock this week’s $1.000 giveaway.

What's next


For this project, the milestones are largely the roadmap. To give an indication of things that we want to release as a team in addition to the milestones, we have made an overview

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

10+ years experience

Milestone team

The Milestone development team consists of experienced developers and marketing strategists with degrees in finance and computer science.


Front-end developer


Community Manager


Blockchain Dev


Blockchain Dev


Social Media


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Yes the liquidity is locked for at least 12 months, this ensures MSTONE will always be liquid and tradable, no rug-pulls.

The majority of the team is located in the Netherlands, Canada and Singapore.

The Milestone team is KYC verified at Coinsult. The team is not planning to dox as of now but this is not ruled out for the future. 

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On-chain packs

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